uman Rights License

cation(6) Cul▓tural rights(7) Environmental rightsIII. Civil ▓and Political Rights(1) Rights of t▓he person(2) Rights of detainees(3) Right to a fair trial(4)


Freedom of religious belief(5) R▓ight to be informed(6) Right to participate(7) Ri▓ght to be heard(8) Right to overseeIV. Rights of Ethnic Minorities, Women, Children, the Elderly and People with Disabilities(1) Rights ▓of ethnic minorities(2) Women's rights(3) Children's rights(4) Senior cit

izens' rights(5) R▓ights of people with dis


Action Pla interior

abilitiesV. Human Rights EducationVI. Fulfillment of Obligations to International Human Rights Conventions, and International Exchanges and Cooperation in the


Fiel▓d of Human Rights(1) Fulfillment of obligations to international human rights conventions(2) International exchanges and cooperation in the field of▓ human rightsPrefaceIn June 2012, with approval from the Chinese government, the Information Office of t▓he State Council published the Nation▓al Human Rights Action Plan of China (2012-2015) (hereinafter referred to as the Action Plan). It is China's second national plan on human rights since the promulgation of the National Human Rights Action Plan of China (2009▓-2010) in April 2009. The formulation and promulgation ▓of the National Human Rights Action Plan is an im▓portant

step taken by the Chinese government to hono

r its solemn commitment on human rights, to ensure the implementation of the constitutional ▓prin

to basic living

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standards(3) R

ciple of respecting and safeguarding human rights and to advance China's human rights in a comprehensive way.Local governments at various levels and the relevant departments of the central government and state organs have attached great importa▓nce to the implementation of the Action Plan. Based on t▓he principle of "each pe

ight to so

rforming its own functions and sharing the work and responsi▓biliti

es," they have incorporated the Action Plan▓ into the work pl

ans of their regions and departments a

nd adopted effective measures

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